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There's no such thing as a miracle diet and in our website you won't find any wild claims that users of this site will experience a massive weight loss. Instead our website is designed as a guide to a healthy eating plan based on low fat or low calorie foods. It aims to inform you to enable you to follow your own diets by providing nutritional data about foods that are good to include in your food regime. It explains how the nutrients in food work in your body and the benefits each type of nutrient provides. It includes tasty and healthy recipes that are easy to follow and make and the articles are designed to be informative on dieting issues, provide useful facts and some great dieting tips and handy hints.


The spotlight on each food explains its nutritional value and a list of the key nutrients. Each food item page includes the amount of calories and fat, the key vitamins and the main elements. As each value is given as a 100g portion you can easily compare between foods to choose your favourites. Each write up includes the types and varieties that are readily available and tips on when to buy or how to choose the best. Split into simple food groupings our website covers everything from apples to zucchini.


This highly debatable subject has been captured in a dedicated section on our website. Scientific research has not yet confirmed the very substantial claims made of superfoods and here you will find no definitive statement of these professed powers. On our website, superfoods are explained in a way as to show why nutritionists believe that certain foods are more extreme in their nutritional values and an aid to not only dieting but specific aspects of a healthy body.


low calorie recipesBoredom or not knowing how to make a low fat diet interesting is one of the key reasons that this type of healthy eating plan often fails. The recipes on our website are designed to be simple to make and good to eat. The recipes combine great low fat and low calorie food ingredients to provide dishes that take you through the whole dieting day from breakfast to supper. You'll find tasty treats, sumptuous dinner party showpieces, hearty family meals, energy boosting smoothies and delicious desserts. Each calorie counted recipe is explained in simple steps, includes lists of the equipment you require, handy tips for variations and also an introduction to why these particular foods are good for you.


We hope you find the articles on our website useful and interesting to read. With subjects as diverse as how to stock your kitchen with the right foods to special features on particular foodstuffs to explanations of designer diets, there's sure to be something of interest and newsworthy to every type of dieter.


diet solution bookWe are a handy companion to THE DIET SOLUTION. The Diet Solution is a change to the way you approach dieting and doesn't involve a regime of meal replacements but is about eating the right healthy nutritious foods in the right combinations and right amounts.


Latest recipes
Peachy Iced Green Tea
We hear and read so much about how the antioxidants in green tea are nutritionally and healthily beneficial. Then of course there are the claims as how they are a superfood and can help you lose weight when following a low fat or...
Category: Healthy drinks
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Perfect low fat drinks for summer
When summer comes it’s good to know a few recipes for thirst quenching drinks. Whether it’s for a daytime refresher or a barbecue party it’s nice to have a healthy low fat/low calorie alternate to sodas and fizzy pop. If you’ve...
Category: Healthy drinks
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Grilled Peaches
When summer comes, so many of us love to barbecue. When you want to eat low fat food, grilling your meat is always the best way but so often, the accompaniments are far from being low calorie or low fat. Plus, puddings tend to be...
Category: Peaches
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Watermelon Yoghurt Ice
So many people think that if you are following a low fat or low calorie diet, sweet treats are something to be avoided and are definitely off the menu. This is so wrong. Fruit is a major contributor to a low fat diet and if used...
Category: Watermelon
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Creamy Cauliflower Purée
In this lovely smooth cauliflower mash recipe, the little bit of oil, butter milk and butter are an affordable luxury because the only other ingredients are totally low fat. The addition of garlic really perks up the flavour. It...
Category: Cauliflower
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Zesty Orange Chicken
Chicken is always going to be a staple in a low fat diet but there's so much more to this fabulously versatile meat if you want to do something other than grill it. Being low fat is a great start to any recipe so with the...
Category: Chicken
Rating: 0/5 (0 votes)
Fettucine with Mushrooms and Brussel Sprouts
Creamy pasta sauces are usually a definite no-no in a low fat diet but this fabulous recipe is well worth the little indulgence plus if you make some judicious substitutes you can alter the calorie count lower is needed. Simply...
Category: Brussel Sprouts
Rating: 0/5 (0 votes)
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